Scriptural Love Letters


When I was in college, someone left a letter in my mailbox
of Scripture passages strung together,
communicating God’s love for me.
I never did discover the identity of my earthly benefactor,
but I decided to use the idea for our RCIA candidates on retreat,
putting together one for the men & another for the women
(respecting the differences between the masculine & feminine genius),
and personalizing each with the recipients’ name.

They were well received :).

I’ve since printed these letters for several other people
& made trifold fliers (without the personalization).

You can find them in Word document form here
(you’ll need to fill in the names in the first file):




Certainly, other Scripture passages can be used
to personalize these still further,
taking into account the temperament & needs of the recipient.
I entrust that to your capable hands!